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Done is better than perfect

Perfect is defined as ‘as good as it is possible to be’. Note the use of the word ‘possible’. Does this not then mean that there exist no such thing as perfection but rather that perfection is defined differently by each one of us? Yet, we so often let that word control us.

Studying again after 4 years of working full time, was a big adjustment for me. Not only was I running my own business and doing many side projects, but I was now in control of what I spend my time on. Anybody’s dream, right? Not so fast. Very soon, course work and assignments picked up and became more challenging, the business grew and life happened. And for an A-type personality like me, who wants everything done perfectly, it hit me hard. I started putting immense pressure on myself to get everything done my way, i.e. ‘perfectly’. But I soon realised how little I was actually getting done, so I decided to take a step back and see how I could approach the situation differently. I had to shift my focus. Instead of focusing on the fact that with limited time, I could not do everything ‘perfectly’, I focused on how much more I will be able to do with the time I have, if I did not do everything ‘perfectly’.
And that meant removing the word ‘perfect’ from my vocabulary. But it did not mean not giving my best. It simply meant doing what I can, when I can and with the resources I have. I was still moving forward and I was getting more done. Yes, it is a mindset change and it is not easy, but the amount of pressure that it relieves you from, makes it something to work towards.

We are all busy. We juggle family, friends, work, hobbies etc. And we strive to be ‘perfect’ in all of those areas. But is it maybe robbing you of joy in one of those areas? What is the impact on you and those around you? Because it is then when it becomes unhealthy.

What can you do today that will move you one step closer to your dreams? No matter how big or small because remember, done is better than perfect.

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