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I am very excited to announce that Take Outs from Nature will now be offering the following services:

We all know how overwhelming and tiring weekly/monthly shopping can be. You are in a hurry and you just grab the products you always buy. Do you often wonder whether you are really buying the healthiest food/products for your family? Or you just don’t know the healthy alternative to a product you often buy and don’t have the time to figure it out? Or you might be struggling with some food intolerances/allergies? Take Outs from Nature now offers personalised shopping experiences. The services we offer include the following, but is not limited to:
• shopping list reviews. This requires you to send us the products you buy on a weekly/monthly basis(or in fact any product you are curious about) and we help you find healthy/natural/whole food alternatives(if necessary) and also explain the WHY behind it.
• where to buy what, best prices, buying in bulk, etc.
• easy, fuss-free, delicious, healthy recipes and suggestions(recipe suggestions based on your preferences and needs).
• health recommendations(e.g. dietary specific).
• reading nutrition labels to educate and empower you on what to buy and what to look out for.
• healthy pantry and fridge/freezer staples to start your health journey.
• setting health and wellness goals.
• Ongoing support to make the transition to a healthier and happier you easier.

Why not educate yourself, feeling empowered next time you go shopping, knowing you are buying the best products for you and your family. For more info or if you would like to discuss your needs, please email us at or dm us at Take Outs from Nature.

In health and happiness xx

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The face behind the brand

I was working in a coffee shop the other day, when I suddenly realised that I have never properly introduced myself. So I would like to take this opportunity and this platform to connect with you on a more personal level and to also get to know you better.

I am Lize Schreiber, wife, sister, friend, business owner, student, mathematician and lover of all things nutrition. In 2017 I married the love of my life, my soul mate, best friend and partner in crime. He is my rock solid, greatest supporter and all time hero.

I grew up in Stellenbosch, with a passion for Science, food, nutrition, wellness and the environment. I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with an honours degree in Applied Mathematics. Soon afterwards, I started working for about 4 years as an Applied Mathematician. But I was lacking purpose, my big WHY. I felt empty. I wanted to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. I wanted to touch people in a way that is lacking in today’s busy lifestyle. Fast forward to a few months ago, and after completing a few courses in nutrition, I officially started my studies in nutrition and wellness coaching. Watch this space because I will be opening practice in 2018, where my focus will be on people who are stressed, have low energy and little time, who wants to quit fad dieting, make healthy living a lifestyle, heal their relationship with food and love their bodies again.

Around the same time I started studying again, I saw a gap in the South African market, and by combining my love for nutrition and the environment, Take Outs from Nature was born. Take Outs from Nature is all about living a more waste free life but also to provide you and your family with affordable, easily accessible and nutritious whole foods. And by doing the above, I feel excited to wake up in the morning and I am fulfilled.

Whenever I am not in the kitchen testing new recipes or reading some article on health/wellness/nutrition, you will find me hiking, relaxing around a campfire or participating in a road running event.

This journey is not always as rosy as social media makes it out to be, but I am forever grateful for this amazing opportunity that has come my way. I will therefore strive to always bring you content that is real, honest and close to my heart.

So that is me in a nutshell. Now I would like to know more about you. Please feel free to let me know if there are certain topics that you would like me to address or questions you would like answered. Anything from recipes, health tips, healthy swaps/alternatives, nutrition advice, meal prep/planning, healthy snacks, restaurant reviews, goal setting, reaching and maintaining your goals, your relationship with food and your body and making healthy living a lifestyle. I would love to connect.

P.s. Whenever you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

In health and happiness,