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Back to school/work lunch box snack ideas

With the new term being back in full swing, the everlasting struggle of finding healthy snacks to pack into the kiddies lunch boxes, or your own, is real. Worry no more, I have got you covered with a few simple, healthy options that the kids and you will love(hopefully :)).

Kiddies/work lunch box snack ideas:
• Leftovers!! Saves you time, energy and money.
• Fresh fruit: apples, citrus fruit, papaya, berries, banana etc.
• Veggie sticks/seeded crackers and hummus/nut butter/tahini.
• Home made veggies chips.
• Nuts and seeds.
• Greek/coconut yoghurt and berries.
• Biltong.
• Popcorn.
• Home made banana bread.
• Dried fruit and nuts/seeds.
• Boiled eggs.
• Roasted chickpeas.
• Home made, healthy savoury/sweet muffins.
• Home made vegetable juice/smoothies.
• Nuts/seeds and berries.
• Apple with nut butter.
• Brown rice cakes/oatcakes with almond butter and cinnamon.
• Santa Anna Corn chips and home made dip.
• Home made energy/protein bars.
• Banana and oat pancakes.

As you have noticed, I am very fond of the word home made. Why? Because not only is it cheaper most of the time, but you have complete control over the ingredients you use. So if you would like recipes for any of the above snacks, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What do you/your kiddies enjoy? Let us share some ideas, tips and tricks and help a each other out.

Have a happy, healthy and waste free week,

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