What is a zero waste store and why is it important? In a nutshell, items are sold from bulk, dispensed into reusable containers. Either your own container, which I encourage, or glass jars you can buy from me. Not only are you looking after our planet Earth, and saving money by buying in bulk, but you also do not need to buy additional storage. And let’s be honest, glass jars do look very pretty in your pantry.

You are welcome to place an order at any time during the month. However, there are cut off dates for specific collection dates. Collections will take place on a Friday, every third week. This will be indicated at the top of this page, in purple, as well as when you check out. If you subscribe to the mailing list and like our Facebook page, you will receive all these updates and more. I will also send you a reminder to collect your order closer to the time.

I will try my best to accommodate you where ever possible. I do not do home deliveries, but I have a few drop off points available. Current drop off points include Croydon Estate, Somerset West and Die Boord, Stellenbosch. If none of these pickup points is going to work for you, let me know and I will see what I can do. Otherwise, we can always make use of a courier service. This will, however, be for your own account, but I am happy to help organise. When orders are ready, we can arrange a suitable time for pick up. If you are going to place a follow-up order, please remember to return your jars when you collect your order.

You have a few options with regards to the reusable jars. You can either buy your product in a glass jar, to be refilled the next time, or you can bring your own containers for me to fill. I have found that in general, you need the following size jars for these different quantities: a 1l jar for 500g or less, a 2l jar for more than 500g and a 3l jar for up to 1.5kg. If you are uncertain whether your jar/container is big enough, please double check with me or bring additional ones.

One of the main objectives is to get the public to start considering purchasing packaged free products and to provide them with affordable nutritious, whole foods. To achieve this, we will be keeping our prices as competitive as possible. But luckily, with no additional packaging(bring your own jars, people, or reuse mine PLEASE!!) and branding, the prices, in general, should be less than the market average. Also, note that we work on a BUY BULK AND SAVE principle.

Please note that we are dealing with real, seasonal food and that certain items might be unavailable from our suppliers or prices might change. In the event that a product is not available, you will either receive a credit note or we’ll refund you.

Please help spread the word by following the social media accounts, Take Outs from Nature, on Facebook and @eatmovethink on Instagram. These accounts cover all things health and wellness, as well as delicious recipes, using products from the list. Please also share what you make with the products. I am sure we can all benefit.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or are looking for products that you can’t find here.

In health and happiness,